Refinable is a multi-chain NFT marketplace which means we support assets on multiple blockchain networks. We believe by providing multi-chain support, we enable users the best flexibility in dealing with their digital assets. Currently, we support Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon on our platform.

What are the differences?

Each blockchain network will have its own unique properties, tokens, standards, and liquidity. For example, Ethereum is the most popular network but users are required to pay high gas fees on every transaction.

Gas fees

Every transaction on the blockchain will require a certain amount of gas fees, paid by the user. This gas fee is used to pay miners that are securing the blockchain behind the scenes. This gas fee is always denoted in the native token of the network. The amount of the fee will depend on several factors and is different for every network.
For example, to submit a transaction on Ethereum, a user will have to pay a fee with the ETH token.

Native tokens

Every blockchain network will have its own native token that powers its transaction. The native tokens for all our supported networks are listed below:
  • Ethereum = ETH (ERC20)
  • Binance Smart Chain = BNB (BEP20)
  • Polygon = MATIC
  • Solana = SOL
You can get tokens from a crypto exchange like Binance or FTX, but make sure the token is on the correct network!
Please note, tokens from one network may not easily transfer over to another, and certain wallets may only support a limited number of networks. For example, BNB on Ethereum network is not the same as BNB on Binance Smart Chain or Polygon network. Users will have to 'bridge' or convert the BNB from one network to another to ensure compatibility.
Do make sure to DYOR into your wallet providers to ensure they support the network of your choice!