Refresh metadata

Metadata is information embedded in the smart contract for an NFT that allows Refinable to pull data for digital assets and display them in the marketplace. NFTs comprise metadata that shows information like unique traits, names, descriptions, and images to be displayed on Refinable user interface. NFT collection metadata can be updated to reflect trait evolutions of an NFT by the owner of the project, therefore, the metadata can change. The reveal feature is another reason to refresh metadata, unrevealed NFTs do not show the asset image.
Refinable enables you to refresh metadata for an entire collection with a click of a button. It is actually very quick and simple to refresh the metadata, and anyone can refresh the metadata as long as you import the collection to Creator Suite.

Step 1: Creator Suite to manage everything

Connect the wallet you imported your collection with to Creator Suite, and navigate to "My collections". It will prompt you to a page where it shows all the collections you have created or imported, select the collection you want to refresh the metadata for.

Step 2: Refresh the metadata of the collection

Once you have selected the collection, it will take you to the collection page, and you can find a refresh icon on the far right side of your screen. Simply click the button to refresh the entire collection.
Once you click the refresh button, the metadata will instantly refresh and pull data from the smart contract to see if any of the properties have been updated.