Custom checkout

Custom Checkout on Refinable is a great way to kick off your campaign, it allows potential buyers to purchase without having to go through the marketplace process and creators to sell with the campaign link.
Reminder to Create a batch minting collection and batch mint NFTs before creating a custom checkout.
Note** A checkout fee of 1% is charged to sellers on each primary sale. Creator Suite allows you to manage everything within one interface. In the Custom checkout section you can create, edit, see, or navigate the following:
  • Custom checkout - create
  • Campaign settings - edit
  • Checkout URL - navigate to the campaign page
  • ​Collection - navigate to collection settings
  • Items - see the number of items left for your custom checkout campaign
  • Status - The status of your campaign
At the moment we support public sales but not the whitelist feature and we will be working on adding more features to it.

Step 1: Creator Suite to manage everything

Head on over to:​
In order to create a collection on Refinable, start by heading over to Refinable Creator Suite and logging in with your preferred crypto wallet on Refinable Creator Suite where you can manage your account and projects.
Start by clicking on "Custom checkout" on the right side of your screen. Once you have navigated to the Custom checkout page, click on the "Create custom checkout" button to start off.

Step 2: Filling in custom checkout details

Over here, you’ll be asked to fill in the following:
  • Campaign reference name
  • Select the collection​
  • Upload an item image for your custom checkout
Select the collection that you would like to create the campaign for and upload the image that you would like the potential buyer to view the image when previewing the custom checkout.
Once you have filled in, selected, and uploaded all the fields, click on the "Continue" button to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Filling in custom checkout settings

Over here, you’ll be asked to fill in the following:
  • The price of each item to be sold at
  • The number of items to be sold
  • The maximum amount per transaction
  • The maximum that can be minted per wallet
You can set the price in different currencies by simply clicking on the drag-down button and selecting the currency you would like to set the price and receive in.
The number of items to be sold may have a max supply limit, you can check for the max supply on the right side of the field. The max items per transaction and max items per wallet can be as is or set to 0 for an unlimited amount per transaction.
**Note - You will not be able to make any changes to the details in this step once you have created the campaign.
Once you have filled in all the custom checkout settings fields, click on the "Create and publish" button. Confirm the popup for Publish Custom Checkout Sign, and approve the transaction popup on your wallet.
Confirm and sign the Apply on-chain sale settings request.
You'll be taken to the checkout page that you created once you have successfully approved and signed all the transaction requests.
You can now share the checkout page for express checkout with others as it will ensure a smooth purchase experience
To view your checkout campaign URL, simply go back to Creator Suite "Custom checkout" section and click on the campaign URL. It will navigate you to the campaign page.
To edit the campaign reference name and image of the campaign. You can also decide to end the custom check out. This can be done by clicking on the campaign you would like to edit.