Import collection

3 steps to import your collection

Step 1: Start by Connecting your wallet to the Creator Suite

Head over to:​
In order to import your collection to Refinable, start by connecting your wallet to Refinable and by connecting your preferred crypto wallet to Creator Suite.
After connecting your wallet you’ll be taken to the following page if it is your first time using the Creator Suite. You can either select “Skip For Now” or select “Add your first collection now” to import your collection right away.

Step 2: Importing Collection

After connecting your wallet, you will be taken to the homepage of the Creator Suite. Click on the “Import collection” option. You’ll be prompted to the following page, and select the “Import Collection” option.
Over here, you’ll be asked to fill in the following:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Smart Contract Address of the collection
  3. 3.
    Token ID (This is optional)
And yes, it’s mandatory to fill in the blockchain network and valid smart contract of the collection! Once you fill in the required fields, hit the “Continue” button and wait for the system to verify your collection contract.

Step 3: Collection imported successfully

Once the collection is verified by the system, you will get a notification that it has been added successfully.
Congratulations, you’ve imported your first collection! If you would like to import multiple collections, then you can go through the same steps. To learn how to edit your collection settings, click here.

As collections are an integral part of the Refinable experience, collections are not only just available to view in linear web page format but also via Refinable’s Metaverse Galleries.

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